・Do you want to apply for a visa to study or work in Japan?

・Do you want to marry/ divorce a Japanese national?

・Do you want to apply for a visa for a relative who is outside of Japan?

・Do you want to set up a company in Japan?

・Do you want to apply for a license to do business in Japan?


when you want to change your residence status due to employment and/or marriage

contact us for more details on procedures to extend your working/student/dependent visa

When you change your job, you need to apply for the Certificate of Authorized Employment. Contact us for further assistance.

Foreign nationals who have entered Japan without going through the landing procedures who plan on spending more than 60 days in Japan after the event.

Foreign nationals who want to change their status of residence to "Permanent Residence," as well as those who are eligible by birth.

When your visa is student or dependent and you  try to engage in paid activities or activities to operate a business that generates income, you will need to apply for this permission from the ISA.

When you want to visit Japan for purposes of business, travel or family visit purposes, you may be required to apply for a short-time visa.

When you want to change your nationality to Japanese, you will have to go through the naturalization procedures. Contact us for support through the bureaucratic paperwork.

We are here to support you to start your business in Japan. Ask us anything about the procedures and the certificates required accordingly.


Multilingual & online support

Japanese, English & Vietnamese

We can set up quick consulting session on ZOOM or other online meeting platforms.

Broad experience in the field

We have been working for years to assist clients obtain various types of visa: working visas, high-skilled visa,  management visa, and also permanent residence, dependent visas

Continuous support

Even if incase of rejection, we continuously support clients to work through the issues and re-apply.



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